How have you found your way here?

Whatever your answer, I am glad you made it and I hope to learn more about your story soon. Stories, we all have them and the ones we hold the closest have valuable information for us. I would love to assist you on your path to healing and discovering the story of you.

My Experience

In 2014, I completed my Yoga Teacher Certification with Anjali Yoga Teacher Training in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. After, I studied music and taught yoga to low income communities in Cleveland, Ohio. It was here that I met Chris McClellan and started learning about natural building. Then, I joined the Great March for Climate Action. Shortly after, I moved to Hawaii to learn organic farming. Next, I planted myself in the Northwest learning activated dreaming from Robert Moss and Natural Building with Sunray Kelley. In 2018, I began studying astrology with Debra Silverman. After years of service in mental health and time spent in integrative healthcare settings, I received my Qualified Mental Health Associate certification through the state of Oregon. All the while, I continued writing and sharing music because it brings my soul harmony and balance.

What’s Next?

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