Live Astrology Readings

Learn about your life’s purpose according to your soul and personality.

Each session includes a personality assessment based on birth date, time and place along with a highlight of timings, cycles, and themes within your birth chart.

All readings will be held on a toll-free number that can be accessed from your phone or computer. For International callers, Annamarie offers a video conference option at the same price.  All sessions are recorded, and you are provided with a copy of the recording at the conclusion of your session.

Astrology plays a vital role in my life by offering a framework to understanding myself and others. Astrology has assisted me in my personal relationships, professional life, social engagements, and much more. By understanding where the planets were when we were born and where they are now (how they are affecting us currently), we can give ourselves a greater understanding of our life’s purpose and bring clarity to what drives, motivates, depletes, and inspires us.

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