Astrology plays a vital role in my life by offering a framework to understanding myself and others. Astrology has assisted me in my personal relationships, professional life, social engagements, and much more. By understanding where the planets were when we were born and where they are now (how they are affecting us currently), we can give ourselves a greater understanding of our life’s purpose and bring clarity to what drives, motivates, depletes, and inspires us.

Live Astrology Readings

Utilizing my training as a Qualified Mental Health Associate, years of experience in social work, and of course my studies with Debra Silverman, ( I have started giving Astrology readings over the phone and in person. I would love the opportunity to provide this insight for you. Most readings are scheduled for over the phone sessions due to location differences. In person locations in Pittsburgh, PA are currently available as well. If you are interested and would like to schedule a reading, email me at

60 Minute Session: $100

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