My Music

I started singing at the age of 4. It didn’t cost money and it was something I could call my own. I began writing songs in elementary school and started tapping on the piano in the 4th grade. In middle school my brother helped me to learn my first chords on the guitar. I began creating music purely for my own healing and pleasure. At 20 years old, I realized that my music could touch and help the lives of others. I begin playing to the public by way of church, bar, art venues, streets, and festivals. I then went to college in Cleveland where I studied voice, piano and guitar for 2 whole semesters. 😉 I dropped out and moved to Hawaii with my sister where we learned to live, let live, and dived further into the ukulele. Later, I moved to the PNW where my love of music continued to grow and becomes influenced by years of service to the community, spiritual and astrological studies. After, I moved back to Pennsylvania and currently reside in Pittsburgh!