How I met the Spirit of Fear

Once, I dreamed of a person walking down a trail. The wind blew into a form that was invisible yet noticeable. Leaves blew circularly forming a cone in the air. The person walking down the trail began to feel afraid, thinking of all the possible ways that things could wrong. They thought, “I could be hurt out here in the woods”. Their thoughts began to spiral just like the air and leaves themselves. I saw this happen to a few people until I, myself, began walking on a trail. I saw the same wind and leaf formation. Then, I became afraid of what could go wrong on this walk. My thoughts began to drown in negative thinking. I thought, “Someone out here could hurt me” and “I could be attacked my an animal”. I continued to drawn in fearful thoughts until I began to speak out loud. I spoke the opposite of my fears. I said out loud, “No one out here is going to hurt me”, and “I am not going to get attacked by animal”. I began to feel a sense of peace and understanding.

I awoke from this dream not thinking too much of it until I told someone the dream aloud. This is a dream technique which assists in understand the meaning of dreams. To tell the story to someone else can provide clarity. I learned this technique from Robert Moss. By telling the story of my dream, I realized that the wind and leaves spiraling symbolized the Spirit of Fear. Additionally, I learned that knowing your fear is a key element in overcoming it. You must know your fear to speak affirmations of the opposite. You must know what your fears are exactly, in order to face them. I accepted this knowledge and ascended on a journey of knowing and facing my own fears. This journey continued in the dream realm just a few days later. This is written about in The Journey of Facing my Fear.

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