At age 19, I was 235 lbs and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. I was also heavily dependant on marijuana and alcohol. For some folks, these substances can be used in moderation, but for me at this age it was blocking my ability to feel and a was form of escape. I didn’t come to terms with this until around the age of 20 when I met my first mentor, Rachel Allen (Owner and Creater of YogaSong). She introduced me to yoga, music as therapy, and helped inspire me to taking a 200 hour, Kripalu inspired Yoga Teacher Training. This 11 month program changed my life. I became aware of my body and what it was like to actually Be in it. I learned techniques to calm my mind, spirit and emotions. I realize that I was before not actually living in my body and was actively seeking ways to not feel. I did this because I had no healthy tools of dealing with chronic trauma and past childhood experiences. Yoga gave me a safe place to feel and work through memories of the past. On this path, I became enlightened to the benefits of eating a plant based diet. This was mostly inspired by my sister, Summer Cathleen (an animal rights activist and model). Thanks to her and my found awareness, I lost 55 lbs and gained the ability to Be Present in my body and in turn, in my life. Now, I aim to inspire others with plant based recipes, yoga, and encouragement.
Find me on instagram to watch my stories where I pretend to have my own cooking show(hahah) and enjoy making plant based recipes in my kitchen at home.